Bad breath or Halitosis as it is properly called is caused by sulphur-producing bacteria in the mouth, tongue and throat.

There are many causes of Halitosis, but the major causes include poor oral hygiene, dental decay, smoking, a dry mouth, a coated tongue and certain foods.

The treatment of halitosis will depend on the underlying cause, but as the most common cause is dental decay, often treating this will fix the problem.

However as there are many factors causing bad breath, and often more than one, we first need to do a full examination and take any relevant X-rays that may be required.

Dr Strauch will then discuss the findings with you, and may recommend various treatments depending on what is causing the problem in the first place. Sometimes the treatment is as simple as using a special sulphur inhibiting mouthwash.

This is often a subject that many are embarrassed about, but help is only a phone call away.

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