The most commonly performed procedure by a dentist is the scale and clean. This is often performed at the same visit as the check-up.

Scaling & root planing (or cleaning as it is commonly called) is the process for removing plaque and/or calculus from the surface of your teeth.

By having a regular dental scale, you will be removing the cause of gum & bone inflammation, thereby preventing further complex and expensive treatments.

Attending the dentist for regular Dental Scaling is the best method to keep your teeth for life and it is the main way to prevent Periodontal (Gum) Disease.

As this procedure can be unpleasant if it has not been performed for a long time, we encourage patients to attend regularly.

If this has not happened & you attend needing a heavy scale, an anaesthetic can be used to make you more comfortable. Dr Strauch will always try to do this procedure with great care for your comfort.

If required he can also use a specially formulated anaesthetic (numbing) cream to make even a large scale easy for you.

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