When Is a Second Opinion a Good Idea?

In most cases, when a patient wants a second opinion, he or she lacks confidence in the dentist and has doubts about how best to treat their dental condition.

In some situations, it is the dentist who requests a second opinion from a dental specialist in order to obtain additional information about a dental problem.

If you feel uneasy about a proposed treatment plan, you should not feel bad about seeking a second opinion. A good dentist does not take offense at your desire to feel comfortable and so make an informed decision by seeking the advice of another professional.

You may just have a feeling that the suggested treatment is unnecessary, expensive or overzealous.

Other reasons to consider a second opinion include the following:

  • The costs of the proposed treatments seem unnecessarily high.
  • You have suspected oral cancer or another serious problem.
  • The treatment seems excessive for the type of problem you seem to have.
  • The dentist’s previous dental work has not successfully corrected the problem and you perceive a lack of confidence or competence from your dentist.

We do not recommend that any patient proceed with dental treatment unless they have a high degree of confidence in their dentist.

Sometimes it is the dentist who needs a second opinion. In fact, we will ask our patients to get a second opinion when the need arises. A good example is when we find what we suspect may be oral cancer.

In these situations, we will refer you to an oral surgeon to get his diagnosis and treatment recommendations and in this way they may confirm, refute or clarify the situation.

A second opinion and teamwork between the dentist, dental specialist and patient are often vital to getting the best possible outcome.

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